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What is CI Wise Org?

CI Wise Org is an open source initiative to give back to the open source communitity and also generate interest in a lean startup business that will utilize this software. Currently CI Wise Inc. employs one integration consultant within the continental US. This consulant and company owner David L. Whitehurst has 35+ years of enterprise IT experience. CI Wise Org was a conscious choice in October 2017 to open source the software artifacts and components that will make up software products for subscription. These products will be deployed and managed by CI Wise Inc. We want this project to be educational and fun. And, anyone that wants to contribute can contact David at

The technologies you find here will vary. Currently, we have still not chosen a development stack for product deployments. For example, we are currently using a JHipster, Spring Boot plus Angular monolithic application to maintain our accounting. This provides a robust solution for the cloud and REST APIs that mobile applications could consume. Also, the JHipster application uses Bootstrap and the web application itself is manageable on the cell phone. We are also prototyping applications using Ruby on Rails. And, Node, Express, and MongoDB are still a consideration. We will probably use Postgres, MySQL, and MongoDB for testing. The goal is to increase the size of our research team (of one) and use a public site to answer high-level questions concerning choice of software development technologies and how they influence time to market and future scalability. Also, while the answers to these questions will further the growth of our startup endeavor, the answers will be here publicly to help others that may want to try their hand at a software startup business. Again, if you would like to be part of this project, please contact David at

What is Wise-Health?

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